Romantic Escape

If you are lucky enough to have someone special in your life, there is always that special place that you would like to bring him or her. It could be for a quick weekend trip to a chalet in Mont-Tremblant or a 7-night Cruise around the Caribbean.

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Here at WOWEVA, we design your couple's getaway from the time you leave until the time you get back home. We help you plan everything from picking your dream Destination to which Hotel suits your specific interests. Need suggestions on some local restaurants and activities? How about nightlife? Talk with one of our travel specialists for a custom designed romantic vacation package.

Planning your trip can be fun and it builds the anticipation of your future getaway. Which hotel are you going to choose? It should definitely rank among the top Romantic Hotels from around the World and we know most of them. Each hotel has a different theme and design. So, make sure your choice fits your lifestyle.

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Your dinning selection should be made ahead of time allowing for a well-planned travel itinerary. The cuisine is one of our main concerns for your romantic getaway. We feel that eating dinner somewhere breathtaking with the person you cherish is the ideal setting to that oozes romance.

There’s nothing like a little adventure to spice up any romance. Quality tours offer excitement of experiencing something new. Go sightseeing around an old town or find the perfect little secluded beach. It all depends on your interests. Adding tours and activities can be Adventurous, fun and exciting. If you prefer to just lie on the beach and enjoy your tropical surroundings, then that sounds great as well.

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A great option is to Travel to special events around the world. Carnival in Trinidad or Brazil, BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, or Loi Krathong, Thailand where every November the locals and tourists alike gather around bodies of water and lite floating lanterns which fly up into the nights sky by the thousands. There are many events that you would be surprised to know pair very well with romance travel.

Whether your idea of a romantic getaway is relaxing on one of the world’s most romantic beaches or if you want to dine at the best restaurants in the world, we can help design something special for you and your loved one.

Let's start planning your future getaway today. Call us to speak to one of our Travel Experts at 1-855-5-WOWEVA or Search & Book Online!