Why Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance should be a very important component on your travel list. The last thing on your mind when you are on vacation is thinking what to do if something happens. Plus, the cost of travel insurance is only a fraction of what you pay for your full travel package. So, why risk it? Over and over, we have experienced many cases where clients did not purchase any type of travel insurance and have regretted it. Most people think they are covered by their insurance card but in most cases they are not. At WOWEVA, we encourage you to take at least 15 minutes to go over what is the best coverage for you and your Family. Please take some time and call you Credit Card Company and find out what you are covered for. You will be very surprised as to what might not be covered.

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Travel Insurance Plans are very confusing and at the end of the day the many services they offer can definitely be overbearing. You may be covered for medical at work and only have to purchase cancellation or interruption. Or, you are leaving as a Family and need a quote for an All Inclusive medical package. Let us help you in choosing the best insurance package custom designed for your situation. Being protected is feeling protected. You might lose a laptop or the airline might lose your luggage, you miss your connecting Flight, or mom has fallen sick. These are things we do not want to think about but obtaining Travel insurance is the smartest purchase you can make but hope to never use it.

Travel Insurance doesn't have to be expensive. Broken down per day and per person, you will find it is very affordable. Most of the time, it comes down to a couple of bucks per day. Please consider in going over the most important part of your vacation with us and make it a stress-free getaway.

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