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Let us take a closer look at the world of purchasing flights. Take into consideration that this is more about gaining the knowledge you need when it comes to booking flights. Choosing the right price to pay for your flights is just as important as choosing your Destination or Hotel. Finding the right carrier and knowing the extra charges that may occur. Let us explore the proper way of choosing a flight and remember we are here to guide you along the way.

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There was a time where we could afford cheaper flights but now with the increase in cost of gas, airport fees, and material costs, these factors have added a hefty load on our ticket price. Airlines have also slashed their routes in an attempt to fill their planes, which gives them less of an incentive to reduce their prices.

There are several factors to consider on how you can cut a little cost on your plane ticket.

Be flexible with your dates! The price of a plane ticket fluctuates on given days. You probably realized that if you plan on taking an All Inclusive vacation down south, your ticket price will vary on the type of day you leave. Let's consider a price for leaving on a Sunday compared to a Wednesday. It will cost less to fly out mid-week than a weekend. Why? Because most people tend to travel over the weekends and it gives Airlines the opportunity to hike up their prices. Do not expect to save money if you are planning to travel during the big holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. But you can try and have the flexibility to leave a few days before or after. It will make a big difference on the price.

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Try and fly local. Depending on your destination, you can cut costs by flying with a different route or ones with stops. For example, smaller cities have airports that offer flights at a fraction of the cost. But beware; leave at least two days early so you do not miss the real vacation. Another thing we can look at is driving to a certain city, parking your car at a safe location and catching a plane from there. For example, you are leaving on your first time cruise and the port of departure is Fort Lauderdale. If you leave out of Montreal, you can drive to New York, leave your car there and catch a plane to your Destination. Keeping that option open can easily save your family easily $600 dollars!

Be flexible with your destination. You may be surprised to find many excellent deals if you leave your destination open. There's a huge price difference going to Barbados or going to Mexico.

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Points, points, points! A majority of travelers fly on points. If you do not have a points program, sign yourself up with an Airlines Rewards program. Even if you do not Travel much, those points can be accumulated through purchases at member stores. It goes a long way.

The biggest question is when is the best time to book? If you only knew that a 15 minute gap is all it takes for that price to go up. With oil prices going up and airlines continuously raising their fees you have to be vigilant and know the right places to look and when to book. 6 to 8 weeks is the best time to purchase your flights. During peak seasons of travel the recommendation would be about 2 to 3 months prior to your flight. And please do not wait to book last minute. Remember, airlines need to fill that seat and you will have to pay a ridiculous amount to sit next to that guy that paid almost half of what you paid.

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Now, with the knowledge you have acquired on flights you can be positive about your searches but always remember that there is an expert on this end to help you with any doubts you might have. Our service will go a long way even if there are any problems during your vacation. With our Free Trip Concierge, we’re with you the whole way.

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