Cruising the Seas

The Cruise industry is the largest growing category in leisure travel. More and more people are looking towards alternatives to travel and the Cruises industry has been happy to accommodate.

Norwegian Cruise Ship leaving out of New York | WOWEVA Travel

Today’s ships offer a new generation of onboard features and a world of innovation, including surf pools, on-deck LED movie screens, golf simulators, specialty restaurants, water parks, demonstration kitchens, self-leveling billiard tables, multi-room villas with private pools, in-suite Jacuzzis, ice-skating rinks, rock-climbing walls, bungee-trampolines and much more.

These ultra modern ships also offer facilities to accommodate Family members of all generations traveling together. This market is ideal for Caribbean cruising. From a product standpoint, Cruise ships offer an array of feature-rich innovative facilities, amenities and services that exceed the expectations of a growing population of travelers. It is very easy to find a type of stateroom or itinerary that offers something for everyone.

Cruising is for travelers who like to experience diverse ports day after day. Whether it is with your Family , as a Couple , or with friends there are many themed cruises, multi-generational cruises, Luxury cruises and mass market Cruises to chose from. Depending on what type of travel you wish to partake in this year or the year after that, taking a Cruise might be a great option.

Here is a breakdown of the categories:

Mass Market Cruises or Primed cruise candidates:

Nowadays, the majority of travelers look for a bargain. That is why Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International would fall under that category. These three Cruise lines offer a variety of activities for all ages. The dining option has gone from traditional (which they will always offer) to open dining. The open dining, a favorite among experienced cruisers, offers the flexibility to dine at the time you prefer. The majority of cruises fall in this category.

primed cruise line

Family or Multi-Generational Cruises:
This type of cruising is most popular. Parents want to be somewhere where their children will have a great time too. The majority of Cruise lines have wonderful kids clubs that are separated by appropriate age groups. Royal Caribbean International is considered the top of the multi-generational Family cruise lines along with Disney Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line. The activities on board range from rock climbing walls, surf simulators, ice skating rinks, go carts, slides, movies under the stars, themed breakfasts for children and much more.

Premium Cruises:
If you want to venture off and move up the ladder, you might want to try a premium cruise. Just a tad higher than your mass market cruise line but lower than the Luxury cruises. Holland America, Princess Cruises, Celebrity cruises and Azamara Cruises fall into that category. Holland America is a favorite among the more mature clientele. For those that do not like the "big ship" feel, Holland America offers a fleet within the medium-sized ships. For individuals out there who love the show "Dancing with the stars", this Cruise line offers their own onboard "Dancing with the Stars at Sea". Want to escape and spend more time with your loved one? Celebrity cruises and Princess Cruises offer modern and elegant ships with great destinations with that romantic flair. These premium cruise lines offer the traditional dining along with Open Dining.

adventure romance premium cruise lines

Luxury Cruise Lines:
This type of cruising caters to the high-end clientele wishing to travel in Luxury . From the moment you step on a Luxury cruise line, you will be greeted by first name welcoming you on board. Everything has a touch of finesse from your stateroom to the cuisine. First-class, personalized service is just one of the hallmarks of Luxury cruise lines. You can expect exotic itineraries, fine wines and gourmet cuisine along with intimate suites. There is a higher ratio of crew to passenger ratio so the service is more personalized. You might think any old Luxury cruise ship will do, but that's not quite true. Like people, Cruise ships have their own unique theme and some will be more suited to your vacation style than others. Yacht lines like SeaDream and Windstar may not offer the most spacious suites, but their intimate ships can stealthily visit ports that large ships cannot. Seabourn and Silversea along with Regent are among the top luxury Cruise lines that offer the Inclusive Package you might want.

luxury cruise line

River Cruises:
Looking for a more intimate cruise that features some off the beaten path Destination? Then river cruising might be perfect for you. River cruises offer spacious staterooms along with personalized service and itinerary. One out of two that have tried river cruising would take another river cruise within the next two years. This category offers the diverse itinerary that clients love.

river cruises

Whether this is your first time Cruise, your 6th cruise or thinking of taking that extra step into a different category of cruising? Give us, your Cruise expert a call to help you with any questions you have. There is a lot to learn about each cruise line and what differs from one to the other. When is the best time to book? What is the best time of the year for specific destinations, last minute sales, etc.? An important aspect to consider is what to do after you book your cruise. There is very important travel documentation to receive along with packing the right things, bringing the proper documents, consider the types of excursions that are available in each port, setting the dining time, reserving specialty restaurants in advance and much more. That is why we are here, to help you plan the perfect Cruise vacation.

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