Travel 101

There are many different Travel sectors that make up the travel industry. You have suppliers, distributors, and sellers. There’s Vacation Packages, Accommodations, Cruise, Flights, Car Rentals, taxi, and Travel Insurance. Together, these specific sectors fulfill a multibillion dollar industry that caters to you, the traveler. Your gateway to this amazingly intricate world is your travel agent. This is the person who has been trained on how every sector ties into the other for a seamless vacation experience you know simply as “Your Trip”. We make sure your shore excursions are organized when you arrive at the Cruise port or confirming your Flight for your European tour. Your dedicated travel agent will be there every step of the way.

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Pretty easy picking a vacation package, isn’t it? Maybe not! All Inclusive or dining option, garden view or ocean view? What’s the difference or better yet, what is the difference in price? Choosing the right hotel or Resort can take some careful planning. All Inclusive Resorts are great if you want a care free vacation. Plus, there are so many room options and sections for each hotel.

The Cruising industry is a whole ball game in itself. Destination and itineraries can overwhelm the best of us. Hundreds of cruise ships, each one being different in its own way. You have to plan flights and accommodations to line up with cruise departure times. There is a lot involved with cruise planning. That’s why a cruise specialist is essential in getting that perfect Cruise. Plus, cruising doesn't have to cost an arm or a leg! You need to know where to look and when. Cruise specials come out every week; however those really special deals only come out once a season. Knowing when to book is key to securing a Dream Cruise vacation.

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Flights are one of the hardest sectors to judge. Pricing can vary daily and sometimes hourly. A delay over here can send pricing soaring over there. Keeping your finger on the pulse of the airline industry is a constant job in itself. The best airfare practices involve reserving your ticket when the time is right. Being a little early or being late can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars.

The most overlooked sector of the travel industry is transportation. Flying to your dream destination only applies to a portion of your travels. You still need to get from the airport to your resort. Or, how about getting to that Romantic restaurant on the other side of town? Knowing these details can save you time and money. Should you take a taxi, Car Rental, or jump on the tour bus? Every decision can make a difference and if you plan ahead, you’re already on the right path.

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Last but not least is Travel Insurance. Should you even bother? The answer is “Yes”. There are hundreds of cases every year where something does not go as planned. Isn't it better to be safe than sorry? That has never been more the case than with travel. Missing your flight, unforeseen weather problems, or health issues are just some of the reasons why travel insurance is so important. In fact, our agents never leave home without it. Why risk it when Travel Insurance only costs a fraction of what you're paying for your whole vacation.

When dealing with the travel industry, it's a good idea to have someone on your side that is experienced and knowledgeable. Plus, with our Free Trip Concierge, we're with you the whole way!.

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