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There comes a moment in your life when you stand back and realize that you need a vacation. Getting away from all the hectic chores and responsibilities and to just sit back and relax on the beach with a nice cold drink. Now, it's easy to think it but getting there might take a little more planning. The next step is to decide where you want to go. Cuba is a great Destination, not only because its cheap, but because this beautiful country boasts some of the nicest beaches in the world, a truly unique and vibrant culture, plus some of the most Luxurious resorts in the world.

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Everyone loves the idea of hot sun and amazing beaches. Cuba's beaches rival any and not only does everything in Cuba cost less, but it is filled with rich culture and history. As for the food, you don't have to be a genius to realize what you are eating in Cuba comes from Cuba. Everything on your plate is local. Cuba gets a bad rap because, yes, some resorts don't take pride in their food. However, we have stayed many times at Cuba Resorts and eaten like kings. Food isn't Cuba main attraction. It's probably not its 2nd or 3rd. What brings people to Cuba are the beaches.

Playa Ensenachos and Playa Meganos at the The Iberostar Ensenachos (Formerly known as the Occidental Grand a Royal Hideaway). These two gorgeous beaches are located on the tiny islet of Ensenachos. Playa Ensenachos is much more secluded than Playa Megano but both have astounding clear turquoise water and no waves whatsoever. Just calm turquoise water and powder white sand beach. The price to pay for staying on this Island is much more expensive than the other areas.

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Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena are located on the Southern part of Cayo Largo. These are broad beaches with glistening fine white sand bordering the clear Caribbean Sea. There's a simple beach side restaurant on Playa Paraíso. For those that love to Rent a Car a go around the Island, Cayo Largo offers visitors excellent deep sea fishing opportunities, off-road jeep trails and sandy coral coloured beaches to stroll upon. Don’t miss out on a visit to the Sea Turtle Hatchery where you and the kids can see enormous turtles return to the beach to lay their eggs. Make sure to visit the pearly-white sandy beaches of Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena. These two beaches real hidden gems. There are also shallow flats and numerous mangroves surrounding Cayo Largo for those who like to go bone fishing!

Havana even with Cuba's low economy is rich with history and culture. There is plenty to do in Havana. Explore museums, check out the National Art Museum where the building is separated into two sections, since its closure in 2006. One building carries the Cuban art collection and the other the International collection. Tour the city in a classic car from the 50s and ask the driver to cruise along the Malocon. Are you thinking of combining the history and beach experience together? Whether it is a 7 day getaway or a 5 day getaway, we have great packages to suggest. For a little Luxury and a lot of history, stay at the Nacional Hotel. The Nacional opened its doors in 1930 and is the only national monument in Cuba. You get a glimpse of history as you walk past the hallway and acknowledge famous names such as Al Capone or Winston Churchill. After dark, you cannot miss the cabaret clubs in Havana.

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Varadero is the hotspot in Cuba. If you want to be in a well-known Hotel along with the extra amenities then Varadero is the spot for you. Some of the best Hotel to stay in Varadero are the Sandals Royal Hicacos, Melia Varadero, Club Kawama and Villa La Mar.

You simply cannot miss Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo when you visit Cuba. Cayo Coco and Guillermo are tiny cays off the north coast, connected to the Cuban mainland by a long man-made causeway and it is about an 20 minute drive from mainland Cuba. The travel is worth it because what you do get is stunning, unspoiled beaches, excellent diving, and a full contingent of watersports. The most astounding beach is the famous Playa Pilar at the western tip of Guillermo. You can catch a public bus that goes along the hotels on the strip and pay about 5 CUC (about $5 US) per adult and the children are free. And if you are staying at one of the Hotels on the strip, please check with them as they might offer free shuttle service. Lounge chairs on Playa Pilar cost about 5 CUC for the day. The bathroom facilities are quite clean and one suggestion, bring your own toilet paper. There is an on-site restaurant called Ranchon Playa Pilar. The food is great and affordable. Don't be shy to try out their mojitos!

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