About Us

WOWEVA Travel is a concierge service Travel agency. Not only can we book amazing Flight , Hotel and Cruise at great prices. We can also arrange dinner reservations, exciting activities, and get you on the VIP list at the world’s best nightlife.

We design custom vacation packages by creating travel itineraries full of timeless experiences. Going on a Romance escape? Let our Couples Getaway Specialist design a romantic experience that will be cherished for many years. How about taking the family out for some Adventure ? We create custom vacation packages that fit the unique lifestyles of all our clients.

Our travel specialists are here to help plan your vacation from day one starting with your Destination . Whether it is for a family vacation, romantic couple’s getaway, Luxury retreat, or in search of adventure, the right destination is a place that offers the specific features you want at the price you want it at. We pride ourselves on knowing the details on every major travel destination and which ones are perfect for you. Picking the right destination is the first step to securing a successful vacation.

We like to say that your hotel room or cruise ship stateroom is like home base while on vacation. This is where you set off to explore your surroundings. Also, like most people, each hotel and Cruise ship has its own style. Some are designed as quit spaces of for relaxation and others are offer great nightly entertainment. Making sure your accommodation choice matches your preferences is our priority.

A vacation is made up of many experiences. We believe that creating long lasting memories is the basis of every good vacation. The things you do on vacation are what make it great. So, let’s take some time to plan out your activities. Let’s find some exciting excursions to try or maybe a couple restaurants that you might like, and let’s not forget nightlife.

Plus, with our Free Trip Concierge Service, anything you need is only a call away.

Didn't get the room you reserved?
Need dinner reservations?
How about transportation around town?

Your dedicated travel agent is here to help. We never leave your side ensuring a stress free vacation. Whether you are in the process of planning your vacation or actually on vacation, we’re here to help with all of your travel needs. We can design the perfect vacation, to the perfect destination, full of great Hotels , gourmet restaurants, and exciting activities. Plus, we make sure all transportation is seamless and stress free. Your dream vacation awaits!

Let's start planning your future getaway today. Call us to speak to one of our Travel Experts at 1-855-5-WOWEVA or Search & Book Online!